Image as checkbox

Is it possible to substitute a checkbox for an image so that I can post user selections to myself? If so can anyone suggest how…?

I’ve used

input type='image' value='Submit'

to make an image a submit button so I am hoping I can do something similar with the checkbox.

Apologies if this isn’t the right forum_

You can not replace a checkbox with an image, but you may use an image as label - example:

<label for="cb_google_search">
<input id="cb_google_search" type="checkbox" />
<img src="logo_plain.png" alt="Google Logo" title="Google search" />

This shows a checkbox with at the right an image. Clicking on the image toggles the checkbox.

thanks for the response…

I really think that someone should try to clear this once and for all because some people believe this is possible (those giving me suggestions) and others not.

check out I haven’t tried it, but it looks fairly robust and should let you style any form element the way you want to.