Im sure its easy but i cant figure it out

Ive spend the last several hours trying to figure out how to add a php resizing function to this page


id like the large image to always nearly touch the top and bottom of the window
(but set a minimum height because i dont want it to get too small)

and i need the quality to be stellar

after spending hours trying to figure out how to add this php to my html all i got is a headache…is there anyway that one of you wizards could be kind enough to plug a php code into my html that would do that? i ask this because i have spend a long time trying to add already existing php code for this to my html page but i cant get it to work. most of the time the php text i put in is not colored(which means non active?) and when it is it doesnt do anything! please please please, its the last thing i want for my site!

p.s. ive tried all the php codes for this that i copuld find on google and nada…this is why i ask for someone to show me how to add it in, and not for just the php code, ive found loads of that, i just cant make the html and php dance the lovely dance i want the m to dance
thanks alot

the large image on the left of the page…

i thought php would do it faster…

What do you mean by “the large image”?

This might be better done with JavaScript.