I'm scared.. help me please

I’m a new SEO, the things is they have given the link building of one of our clients. I was shocked because, when I visited the site now it says under maintenance… Do my link building affected it? I visited it earlier today and the site is still working. Can you help me.

every site has maintain time. it will not effect on your link building. But continuously downtime for a long time like 3-4 days will effect your site.
But dont be worried /

No, your link building can not be the reason that the site is down.

Perhaps you need to learn a few basics about how websites work and then you will know that this would have no effect.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take someone’s site down with a few crappy links? lol…

If you are building links by doing directory submissions, then it won’t be any problem because directory submissions take time for approval and more importantly for getting indexed.

Well, I guess you’re all right… Thanks for answering my question. ;D