I'm on second page of Google, is there chance I get to first page?

My site has just been linked by Carl Sassenrath’s Blog, the Legendary Designer of OS Amiga and today of Rebol language.

Currently I’m on second page of Google for Rebol keyword (I’m first for Rebol Tutorial), is there any chance I go to first page ?

What kind of SEO should I do for that ?


Backlinks are important to get ranked in Google. Try to get backlinks from other authority sites and blogs.

I know backlinks are important, as I said I’m now linked by Rebol.com the Company Website itself.

But since it’s (not) yet known language, there’s no other blog than me, so with whom can I exchange ?

As for optimizing my pages, Could you be more specific ?

Will think about it, thanks.

For better search results I think you should also target few potential keywords phrases like ‘rebol tech’, ‘rebol developer’, just my thought. :slight_smile:

I’d say get as much quality backlinks either from one way linking to higher page ranks or contact webmasters who are willing to exchange links. Also consider revising your on page SEO if it needs amendment (Webpage title, keywords & description).

Lots and lots of links will get you there so start building!

Only backlinks can help you to get into front page also if any out going links are their on your site then remove them.

Well I have some pages which are first page on Google for very highly competitive keywords (something like 22 Millions results) except I didn’t even target them so It seems it’s possible but I can’t see the rationale :slight_smile:

Of course there is a chance to get in to first page.To get in to the first page your web site to be excellent.First analyze your site,make sure that your web site is perfect enough in On page optimization.The on page optimization is all about optimizing your keywords,title tags,meta tags ,etc.after completing with Of page optimization.Try more with blogs and forums.The web 2.0 properties will help you a lot in making your site indexing in top positions…

try all offpage SEO techniques …

Yes, it is correct: Enough backlinks and you can outrank any site.

Are you saying that you can only link to other sites if they are also about Rebol?

Gee, I wonder who’s on the first page.

You need to put your thinking cap on and get creative.


Quality back links creates quality traffic and get ranking for your website. So try to gain quality back links. And it’s better to update your content frequently.

  • Jopson.

May I know your domain name?
If it is www.rebol.com, you are already in 1st page of google.com for the keyword rebol and your another page for Rebol Tutorial.
Meanwhile to be on top 10 mention your keyword in title, is an essential factor, along with many other factors.

And use do follow forums.

Build good quality backlinks with same theme sites its really help to on first page.

Congrates that you have got 2nd position. To get top rank. You really have to build some solid back links to high PR reputed websites. All the best

It might be difficult but yes, it’s possible…

Quality back links can push you on the top in Google.