I'm curious : How did they do the 3D?

https://www.bugaboo.com/US/en_US/strollers/bugaboo-bee3 ** [A product I’m going to see in 3D way or I don’t know how should I describe it]**

I’m new but inspired to learn it… Anyone, Could explain something, Please. I don’t know which place is better to ask about it…

Hope… I can find out it’s mystery

Which bit of that site are you not clear on? Is it the whole site, or just part of it? Either way, you could just go into your browser dev tools and take a look at the code they used, or even download the web page (‘Save As’), and try playing around with it.

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Thanks for your reply… Yes I’m thinking about this part …

You said about Dev Tools and download the web page…Sorry for bothering you chrisofarabia! Actually I’m not familiar on them too…

You can create those using software like this. The source images can be photographs, CGI or any other kind of image such as scanned drawings.


Thanks and Now, I’m thinking about scanned drawings…

Yes, you could get quite creative with that. You can even animate things by changing things from one frame to the next. There are a few examples on the site I linked.

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Looks like an old fashioned flipbook trick. They just flip between images such as this one, and this one, and so forth.

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So, I can do it by PS, AE or others tools, but little bit confused to show on my website like it. Yes I’ve seen what you’ve shared. But I’m not familiar with it. By the way, I need time to discover it…

There will be other tools for doing this. That example is just one that I know about. You will be able to embed the object on a website, the documentation on the site should show you how to do that.

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Thanks so much… SamA74. I hope it’ll enough to me for discovering it… thanks everyone.

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