I'm clueless, tell me what I need to study in order to achieve what I want and how it is called

So here is what I want to learn:

  1. Create a good looking website/funnel for any business no matter the budget or the elements(graphics,copy,photos,content etc) I can afford. Choosing and position elements perfectly is what I’m more interested at. I’m not so interested at creating the graphics or copy myself but I want to know what they should look like in order to guide the ones who will make them.

  2. Being able to reverse engineer complex designs of sites or funnels. At the very least I want to be able to steal ideas and use them for my own sites/funnels without getting overwhelmed by the complexity of them.

  3. Change the UI/graphics of a plugin or app in order to fit perfectly with my site or whatever I want to do. I’m not so interested in programming apps myself but I want to be able to customize their appearance.

  4. I want to be able to turn a website that I designed on paper into code with CSS and then throw it into wordpress or a theme(dunno if it’s possible). I’m very interested on this skill and I have read that it’s possible. I don’t like theme customizers or drag & drop apps, I rather create the site with code from start to end without any limitation.

My end goal is to be able to create a great website for any type of business even if I can only use the most basic elements like photos from shutterstock and very simple copywriting. Appearance and easiness to use is my focus.

So, What do you suggest me to study to do all of this? and how is it called the profession that I describe? UX designer, UI designer, Web designer, Graphic Designer or Frontend developer?

I personally call it website architect or decorator, dunno about it’s official name.

You might like to start by reading this
The Ultimate Guide


to [kakuzu59]:
The more simple way is to do simple site on CMS, it’s firstly. The second, carry out a structure of site. Thirdly, chose good template for site’s design At the forth, write all texts in a proper way. After that You will have Your first own site. You can restruct it anyway and become Your first site to the best. Don’t warry, be purposeful!

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