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The rumor mill is working overtime pumping out photos, articles and anonymous tip-offs that the ‘iPhone 7’ will remove the headphone jack. This small, innocuous port has existed since the 60s, and has served us well, mainly because no matter what happens to our devices, speakers, headphones and ears are still mostly analogue devices.

Apple are not the first to (allegedly) make this bold move, several Android phones have tried already, generally unsuccessfully, but Apple has a history of successfully killing ‘old technologies’.

Time will tell if the days of the humble port are numbered, but in the meantime I have a simple question for you…

What other item of technology has been with us long enough and deserves its place on the chopping block? Your courteous and balanced responses are welcome :grin:

For me there are two that immediately stand out…

  1. motor cars. :mask:

  2. airoplanes. :scream:

I could probably come up with even more atrocities,
but these will definitely do for starters. :sunglasses:


I’d like to see the technology happen to move from binary computing to trinary.

That is instead of only off - on branching, something like negatiive - neutral - positive.

Changing from power of two to power of three would almost assuredly break everything now in existence, but would significantly increase computational capability.

Woah, this blew my mind :slight_smile:

Airplanes are surprisingly old fashioned… :confused:

Exactly, where are the transporter beams we were promised?

Beam me up, Scotty!

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indeed but from what i understand the powers that be don’t believe that passengers would be happy to travel in windowless planes so whilst a delta wing type aircraft would be more efficient people wouldn’t want to travel in them.

bring back Airships i think. But don’t paint them with rocket fuel and fill them with highly flammable gases.

Funny you should say that.The UK has just done it http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-36997711

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