I'm actually NOT that great with wordpress as I thought

What happens when you realize that for some reasons your designs are not that great the minute you take a break from the office? :eek:

I’ll tell you, I’m working inside a great and influent startup which haven’t launched yet and currently the only problem seems that I am trying too hard to one-man army the design for the blog. The topic is “entrepreneurship”.

I was thinking of giving a chance for a designer to show his talent via barter by giving him a life-time credit but I’m having a hard time finding the right place to barter this kind of stuff.

Basically I’m stuck with a design I dislike at the moment for not being very polished. Ideas?

Well, What are we looking at? Can we see what you have now?

Yeah, it’s… bad… unpolished and I took the sidebar out.


I like nettuts.com for instance, or the old [URL=“http://thenetsetter.com”]thenetsetter.com (it’s not live anymore though)

Okay, I wouldn’t mind helping you.

Do you like the design? Because it seems like with some tweeking to the code this site would look good.

Do you have msn, If so add bradmaver@hotmail.com and I will help you out.