(Illustrator) Finding the center of a shape?

I have a small problem with making logos, I’m trying to make everything geometrically perfect. I have a star shape with white semi triangle shapes inside and as you can see from the screenshots bellow it aint perfect. There could be a better way of doing this but if not then I would need to find the center of this shape to point the ends of the white triangles so they all meet perfectly in the center of the star.

100% view
Zoomed In

GREATLY appreciate any help you can give!

I’ve made the star for You :slight_smile:

Download it here


Well, there is no way (to my knowledge) to ‘align’ objects to a certain anchor point. There are other methods I would use to have all the white pieces meet in the center.

  1. I would duplicate the top white piece 4 times then select all the white pieces and align them verticaly and horizontally, so they are all exactly one behind the other.

  2. Select the rotate tool and (zoom in) and click on the tip of the first white piece so you set the point of rotation. THen, hold the shift key and click and rotate the first white piece.

  3. Repeat these steps for the other pieces, and you should have all meeting in the center.

Another way to do this would be to Select the rotation tool and set the rotation point and then click on the object to enter the angle instead of dragging.

There might be other ways, but this is the first one that popped into my head!

Thanks Varelse!
I would like to know how you did it, I think it would be handy to know your method for other logos & icons i’ll be making.

And thanks for your suggestions conradical. Although each white point are meeting in the centre it wouldn’t mean it’s at the centre of the star, after I rotate each piece it wouldn’t fit perfect inside each arrow of the star.

I have an ol’ good AutoCAD R14 (8 years old now!) and it is great for all geometrical operations like this one :agree:
Actually it was 2-3 minute work.

In such cases always draw a circle first, place guides in its center and then draw all the rest - You’ll always have true geometrical center of the shape.