Illustrator, Duplicate around circle

I did this technique before but now I Cant remember how I did it!

I had a circle, and I made on shape, so say Im making a sun with spikes ok?

I would move the object a little bit to the right then rotate it, then I would
keep hitting like CTRL+D (Or something to duplicate action) and it would
paste around the circle not in the same place.

Okay I figured it out, except the duplication part.

1 - Make a circle.
2 - Make an object somewhere around the circle (The top probably).
3 - Select the 2nd object you made…
4 - Select the rotate tool and click the Center point of the circle…
5 - Hold ALT and drag and rotate to where you want.

    • Once you have two objects, repeat 1-5 but selecting the two, making 4, then select the 4 making 8, and so on.