Illustrator CS:3 and Patterns

I have a rectangle shape that I need to apply a pattern to. There’s nothing special about this shape at all and yet, I can’t seem to even come close to understanding why it’s so simple to apply a color from the swatches window but not a pattern.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?

First, check whether you have the stroke or the fill selected. It’s easy to accidentally apply a pattern to the stroke instead of the fill, and if the stroke width is 0 then you won’t see anything at all.

Also, check that your shape layer is actively selected - when a layer shape is selected there will be a colored square on the very right of the layer in the layers palate. When you click somewhere in the “whitespace” or the blank artboard you deselect all layers, so changes you make at that point won’t be applied to anything.

With the Fill layer (solid square) on top, it should just be a matter of selecting a pattern from the pattern palate - it will automatically be applied. You can also drag a color or pattern from the palate onto the shape you want to apply it to, even if it’s not your currently selected layer and as long as that shape has nothing “on top” obscuring it.

Unfortunately you don’t get pattern options when you double click on the fill or stroke indicators in the toolbar, so no help from that side.

Thanks huit. Yeah, I’ve discovered how important dragging a color from palates can be with Illustrator. :slight_smile:

Got it. Thanks!

Cool! Glad you got it to work! :slight_smile: