Illustrator 10 - changing jpeg colors

There is a work globe that is in jpeg format in tow colors:

  • one color for the land/continents and
  • one color for all water bodies.

To change both these colors what are the steps to doing so?

For all practical reasons I am a novice at Illustrator10

Would this more easily be done in Photoshop, which I have also (7.0)?

Since JPG is a raster image format, it should be edited in Photoshop.

Thank you, could you tell me basic steps on how to go about this?

I’d probably start with selecting the color range for one of these colors and then filling the selection with a new one (on a new layer, so it can be adjusted later).
Can you show the image?

Don’t think so, someone else owns it.

No problem. If the method I had described doesn’t work on that particular image, we’ll get back to the subject.

There are shaded colors, on the globe. It lets me select (4) but that’s where I stop.

Isn’t there a simple way to “assign” the current color to another?

You can try with Hue/Saturation adjustment (ctrl+U) and selecting the base color (blue for example) to be adjusted.

[COLOR=#336633][B]Varelse[/B][/COLOR], Adjusting saturation did it, thankfully. Since the continents have intircate boundaries and the globe is a shaded ball.

Much appreciate your help!