IIS, Xamp- Mysql Phpmyadmin did not work

Good day!

I tried a lot of experiment to work my website in a windows server 2003. Now I need to used IIS as my webserver, mysql-phpmyadmin from xampp for my database. And sad to say I cannot open phpmyadmin i got an error # 404 I think it is error in IIS . Which the path or location was not found. My PhpmyAdmin folder was on the xampp folder. I tried to move it to the localhost\wwwroot, then I got a error: Forbidden error and i think it’s an error in apache. My apache was uninstalled because I must prepared to used IIS as my webserver and I used IIS to work my php file. How can i work my phpmyadmin even it is in xampp and i used IIS as my webserver. I’m sorry because i really don’t know what configuration i need to do. I need to fix it…

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you

What’s the exact error message?

How do you have PHP set up? Have you loaded/configured a version of PHP VC9 into IIS?

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I’m not installed php I only configured it on IIS

Is it possible that IIS 6.0, Xampp 1.7.1 that consist of Apace,Mysql and php were in windows server 2003? to work a intranet website and the client can view my website with internet connection.

It’s nearly impossible to advise you based upon the information you’re provided unfortunately. Unless you need IIS I’d probably just go with WAMP for something on the intranet.