IIS Express Beta releasing soon

Hey guys,

I thought you might want to know this, the beta of IIS Express will be released soon, and will make use of the best of both worlds: VS build in web server and IIS in Windows itself. Anyways, IIS Express makes it even easier to build, run and test web applications.

Here is the link:

Looking forward to a more streamlined Web Server and administration. :slight_smile:

I suspect it is hamstrung and not for production use.

I’d also argue there isn’t anything one can do in IIS6 that one can’t do in IIS7 . . .

Awsome. That sounds pretty good. I wonder what the feasability would be to host a site on a live server with IIS Express. So you can easily upgrade from IIS6 to 7 on the same OS. I guess that would not be ideal though

Yeah, it’s not for production use. I mean, that wouldn’t entirely make sense, since Windows already has IIS in it.

One of the scenarios you may encounter is logic that has to fire based on whether or not you have SSL, UrlRewrite and other things that depends on IIS for. The built-in server for VS doesn’t support any of that. You can use IIS on your local box for it, but then you have to reconfigure it if you have several projects that have similar dependencies. It’s a pain. This solves that pain.