IIS Error Pages

I have 2 servers running and only just realised that they handle the Error Pages section differently to each other. And it’s causing me a bit of an issue when coding and using SVN (I won’t get it to it).

Why is it one server saves the changes I make into my web.config and the other saves it elsewhere?

Also why does one server have a list of 30+ different error pages that I can configure, while the other has a list of less than 10. Is it a difference in versions of IIS or the webserver? I would love to have them both the same but for the life of me cannot find anything that describes why there are differences.

Anyone know?

They are running different versions of IIS – IIS6 stores changes in a metabase that isn’t easily SVN-able, IIS7 is a vastly different beast and stores most settings in a web.config that is easily svnable.

They both support the same general error pages, but I think they might not show that many in the IIS7 ui.

Sorry I should have made it clearer. They are both running IIS7. One saves it in the web.config and the other doesn’t! Uch! Anyone got an icecream van for sale?