IIS error log Connection dropped


We use coldfusion 9 standard installation with 25 simultaneous requests setting.

I was looking at httperr logs and I found that I have lot of entries saying Connection_Dropped DefaultAppPool. We call a third party tool which is COM object and ColdFusion cfobject is used to create instance of that COM object.

We have FusionReactor and I looked at code at which it was stuck. It was stuck at one of calls related to this COM object. I looked at memory etc in Fusion Reactor and it looked just fine.

I didnt have any option but to restart ColdFusion even though I knew, ColdFusion is rather stuck at processing X number of requests and is not taking any more requests.

My thinking is that somehow CF got stuck on this external call for the current X requests that were running and thats it.

Has anyone seen this Connection_Dropped DefaultAppPool error. I searched on google and it returns lot of results but I wanted to know if any CF person has seen this one before.