IIS can't handle Optional checkbox POST

Hi Chaps,
I have a form where a user can edit a quote, when the form is submitted, the info is POSTed to a script file, which processes the information and runs an SQL Query.
The form has an OPTIONAL edit feature, when selected, POSTs an ‘jobadminquote’ array to the script.
My local Apache server can handle the option either ticked or unticked, my live IIS server throws up an error when unticked:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: jobadminquote in C:\Inetpub\XX\XX\XX\XX\scripts\CompleteQuoteSingle.php on line 65 PHP

Line 65:

$adminoverride = $_POST[‘jobadminquote’][$rowid]);

Script Code:

$allowed_tables = Array('table1','table2','table3'); // to prevent SQL injection
foreach($_POST['quote'] as $var) {
    $arr = explode(':', $var);
    if(in_array($arr[0], $allowed_tables)) {
        $table = $arr[0];
        $rowid = $arr[1];
        $projid = $arr[2];
        $setprice = $_POST['jobquote'][$rowid];
    $adminoverride = $_POST['jobadminquote'][$rowid]);
            // Run SQL Query here to update $table where row matches $rowid
            else {
            // Run Something Else
            else {
            $mess = "<p>There was a problem</p>";

My question is: is there a way to tell the script to ignore the $adminoverride = $_POST[‘jobadminquote’][$rowid]); if the $_POST[‘jobadminquote’] doesn’t exist?


Sweet, thanks dude! Sorted

I’m not sure I follow when you mention POST option ticked/unticked… What option?