While i was trying to fix some issues, I found in a IE specific css has

ignore {
	Z-INDEX: -1 !important

Can anyone please shed some light, what exactly it does? Well i can see it’s setting some z-index value but I din’t know there is a selector “ignore” present? and i don’t see any reference of “ignore” in the html. but still it works.


I’m sure. I can’t ignore really, because i see differences while commenting. [unfortunately i don’t have live url]

there are more like

shape {
	Z-INDEX: -1 !important

While Googling I found this “http://developer.klipfolio.com/devguide/ch05s02
Could this be CSS selectors to match XML element?

Ah, just ignore it. :lol:

But seriously, are you sure it wasn’t .ignore (that is, a class)? Otherwise, I agree, it sounds pretty weird.

If there were XML in there, it would be viewable, so presumably there’s none there. Although, if this is an RSS feed (you mentioned a feed?) then I’d expect to see XML. How are your viewing source? Are you viewing the “feed” (BTW, what do you mean by that?) in a browser, viewing source should be straightforward.

Thanks Ryan & ralph.

I can see the generated webpage, which just has html elements when I see source code. Sorry, i have no live URL. I think I may be able to give you some info in few days. but for now I have nothing :(.

Well when we can get something to help us debug surely post it here (a live link would be x1000 easier though) :slight_smile:

I thought so.

I don’t see the <ignore> though. What I can view is the generated source, all I can see the html elements and the content. I have no access to the feed :frowning: or files before they are generated on the browser.

I have access to change styles.

If you view source (at least for the feed) the code will still be there.

Ah yeah, XML. Forgot about that. :blush:

I think you can make up any element names you like in XML. Do you see an <ignore> in any of the files?

I don’t know much about XML admittedly, though can’t you CTRL+F to find ignore? I know enough about XML to know the browser can generate XML in source…so can we have a link?