Ignore link in certain format - regex

Hi regex masters!

Having this regex expression
it allows to fetch a link from a text string

$string = 'asdsa asdsa http://www.google.com asdasd';
// link to be fetched by the regex

$pattern = '/((http(s?):\\\\/\\\\/{1}\\S+))/';
preg_match($pattern, $string, $match);

However, I would like to improve it in order to igonore the following link in $string = ‘abc

$string = '[abc](http://www.google.com "def")';
// link to be IGNORED by the regex

$pattern = '/((http(s?):\\\\/\\\\/{1}\\S+))/';
preg_match($pattern, $string, $match);

Many thanks

So you want to ignore any links inside of parenthesis?

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for your reply.
Ignore the links inside this expression


Something like ignoring this… but fetching the other links

(\\\\[.*\\])\\\\(((http(s?):\\\\/\\\\/{1}\\S+)) \\\\"(.*)\\\\"\\\\)