IFrames Tab (landing page do not working)

Hi Friends

i have installed iframes into my page and i have created the page which shows only images i have host that page along with image and i have put code in iframe but it showing landing Page


Fan Page

IFrame COde
<iframe src=“http://pekingcuisine.info/cakesnrecipesfb.htm” width=“600” height=“750”></iframe>


i have created laniding page n made to to landing page from setting can u tell me what is the problem

I’m able to see your iFrame just fine, images and all. It’s wider than Facebook allows and as such gets clipped but it certainly loads.

What exactly isn’t working?

And why is your page all about a website? Your Facebook content should be about what’s on Facebook, at least partially.

the page will be just look like that http://pekingcuisine.info/cakesnrecipesfb.htm

it all recipes i want landing page fan n non fans will see that

As I said before, I see your custom tab on your Facebook page.

That said current fans will always see the wall by default when viewing your page. Facebook is an engagement platform and a place to show off your static ad last, as such someone following you always starts with the place they can talk.

Yea its default but i want to show both to Non Fan and Fans Member a Picture which i have given u refrence http://pekingcuisine.info/cakesnrecipesfb.htm

I want this tab will b shonw to Fan n Non Fans

You may have missed the bold section in my last post – current fans will always see the wall by default when viewing your page.

This is not something you can change. It is how Facebook works, should work and you need to understand your ad is not the purpose of someone following you on Facebook.