IFRAME usage to display a flash music player

I’m having a problem with a flash music player I made.

If no frames are used, the song resets every time the user goes onto a new page.

If I put the music player into it’s own IFRAME then it works fine in Firefox and Opera. I’m too scared to look what kind of mess IE makes.

Anyway, I thought maybe there was a better way than using frames? Anyone got any ideas?

How are you embedding it? Maybe you just need wmode=“transparent” on the embed/object element. And since the iframe is a seperate document, try matching the background on the iframe itself?

Though you may not be able to do anything at all, that’s just how it works.

I solved the transparency issue by using CSS to explicitly state every element have no background. Still not sure how it’s going to look in IE but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

For now I’m just wondering if there is a better way than using a frame…

If you didn’t set a backgground explicitly already you could simply do

No, I do not think there is any other way to have no gap/restart (or some sort of noticeable change) as a user goes from page to page.

Even if you tracked where the user was at in the song, stored it in a sharedObject and set it to start on each page load from where it left off there would still be a pause, making it unpleasant.

The only better way I can think of is to not have the music start playing at all. Otherwise you will have to use a frame/iframe. :slight_smile:

But that’s quite an annoyance for most users so beware: I gave you fair warning. Most people don’t like music playing they didn’t specifically want playing.

Yeah, people don’t always like music playing, especially if they don’t like it. It may draw them away.

I put a music player in an iframe to play music continuously throughout my site (I know, I know some people do not like music but you can shut this off and the site is for a band so the music is necessary).

I thought I did everything correctly but the music stops and reloads on every page - help!! What am I doing wrong? Please respond to roadspy@aol.com. Thank you.