Iframe solution and css media queries

If client requires iframe solution and his website column has 600/650px width, how should I work with this?
Mobile maximum media queries is 990 and anything below 991 iframe width it is taken as mobile media queries width. So, what should i do in this scenario?

Through css class can we replace syntax max-width to max-device-width in sass? if yes, how should be code?
Do you have suggestions in mind that would help solve the issue i am facing?

What for, why not stick with max-width?

Make your iframe fluid. Wrap it in a fluid container and set width to 100%.

Client has the left column width of 650 which is all I can use. If I use 100% the width I’ll get is 650 itself.

What is the contents of these iframes @shaileshm?

Masthead,Timeline carousel,Tabs, Scrollable data(photos,videos and other contents)

Are the contents that you wish to present in the iframes responsive? or fixed width?

I have a responsive solution, it can adjust itself in any dimension possible, the issue arises when our solution is used in an iframe.

Max website width=994px
Left column width is 679px
Right column width 300px
Other 15px for padding

Now my left column iframe width is 100% but I’ll get is 679 itself and rendering mobile media queries.

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