Iframe content

Is it still search engines not indexing the content used in iframes?

I have heard that now content in iframes is get crawled & indexed by search engines.

So should I keep my content in iframes?

The general consensus is that Google does follow iframe links and will crawl and index the page at the end of it.

Iframes should only ever be used as a last resort, as they are pretty awful for accessibility and usability. There is almost always a better way to achieve the same result, which will result in a better website all round.

But whether Google does or doesn’t follow iframe links, from a purely SEO point of view, your site will lose out either way if you use iframes for large sections.
(i) If Google does not follow the links, it isn’t going to index large sections of your content, so it won’t know much about your site and your rankings will be poor.
(ii) If Google does follow the links, it is likely to index the iframe src as a standalone page and direct people to that - which is then a dead-end page, because you won’t have any navigation on it.

Simple answer - don’t use iframes!