Iframe behaving differently only in ie 11 -- please help

I am trying to load a webpage https://www.areidesigns.com.au/previewmode/areipreview

Into an iframe within the site http://www.mikemurryhomes.com.au/index.php/designs-test

what should happen is that the contained site loads a version that is sandboxed and allows the user to browse the designs available and modify the view (ie a preview mode) hiding the main registration (and other information regarding registration etc) from the user, I cannot work out why the iframe is identifying itself to the host site areidesigns and therefore a different version is loading within the iframe, this is happening for ie 11 (firefox, chrome, safari, android browser etc do not exhibit this behaviour) I would appreciate any insight to this issue - I am not responsible for the development of the areidesigns website but hopefully can pass on any information with will allow the page to load within the iframe as it does standalone or the same as all other browsers.
your help is appreciated.

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