If you were hired to manage a blog for

a music group or theatrical performance troupe that did a variety of shows, what would be your monthly responsibilities? Or what would you include in the monthly maintenance plan even though the blog will essentially take care of itself?

I’m trying to figure this out because I am about to create a WP blog for a client. The blog will have a store, events calendar, links to flickr or maybe an internal photoblog.

What worries me is how much they’ll need my services once I’m finished, even though I already know the people. They have the potential for growth as an entertainment/educational brand and I’d like to find a way to continue working with them each month. Hopefully!

I agree with Linda. Those promotions can help you with your problem. In addition to that you are having fun with what you are doing.

I would suggest you can engage their activities by building a relevant network on facebook. Facebook allows multiple ways to spread your brand by creating facebook pages to your business which will be one of the legitimate source to find potential audience. How’s that?

Great ideas, Linda! While the lead or musicians post information about events (which they already do on their myspace pages) I could work on more creative projects or a special activity for the blog’s community.

I especially like the new logo and graphic design for a T-shirt.

It looks like I may have to move in a direction that doesn’t necessarily involve the blog itself. The client already uses twitter and myspace.

Have you thought of doing a monthly contest? You could offer prizes such as free tickets to shows, t-shirts, mugs, or whatever. Contest ideas could be to create a new logo, or maybe create a short video featuring the group’s music, or a graphic for t-shirts, basically anything that will create buzz. This could keep you busy and bring in more traffic. Good luck