If you suddenly died?

Well,Depends on the situations & the capabilities of the person how well she can cope up. :D;)May be she will take up higher my business or ruin it :mad: but I would advice her to liquidate if she doesn’t understand well.:sick::shifty:

Well, the issue is a real one, as demonstrated here:

The chances of being able to simple transfer a business to a family member is actually pretty low. I personally know families who have tried to keep a business within the family and had it collapse within a few years.

If you want to leave the option open, understanding the risk, that’s fine. But you would be very wise to prepare for the liquidation of the business upon your passing if you are interested in getting maximum value out of it - a business that is healthy is sold for much more than one that has been inherited and allowed to fester for a while.

I would recommend doing a network marketing business with a good company like Amway (who cares what people think about network marketing) and develop it to a point where it generates residual income and is growing steadily. Look for the right people who can guide you in developing it more effectively so you can spend less time on it.

Most of these network marketing companies allow you to pass down your business to your children or loved ones. I believe this could solve the problem you’re facing right now.