If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?

If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?
I’ll go for Florida, like the rapper “FLO RIDA”

what are your trying to ask?

The first question would be… the 50 states from where? I know, I’m supposed to know that it is US but… the thing is that we don’t do states in my country, we have 52 provinces instead :slight_smile:

And I don’t think that I would choose the name of any of them. I can tell you that Virginia is a real name here, so if I had to choose, I’d probably go for that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Florida means the “flowered one”

I would choose Indiana. I always wanted people to call me that. And I would wear a hat.

[FONT=“Georgia”]A good name for a not-yet-fried piece of chicken who likes homophones.


I think if you were a girl, you wouldn’t want to be named after “I DA HO”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol! That was funny!

For me, Tennessee sounds sexy. :blush:


Indiana Jones, baby! :slight_smile:

ha ha that’s funny :rofl:

I would go for ‘Carolina’ till you don’t add ‘North’ or ‘South’ with my name :smiley:

For me, Tennessee sounds sexy.

Yup, sure it is :eye:

I would name my ex-girlfriend - CHIC AGO. Haha. Hope you get the idea.
Oops, it’s not a State.

My best friend’s son is 2½ and speaks some baby-Spanglish. When he forgets my name he calls me “Maine” (his way of saying “man”). LOL. It’s too cute. He just called me that yesterday, and I thought of this thread. :smiley:

It’s Washington for me because geeks in the house always leave me washing tons of dishes :smiley:

Getting named after a city is way cooler.

But I suppose anything that hasn’t been used to sell an SUV is fine.

Mrs. Sippi. Unless I wanna sound Suthu’n: Mz. Sippeh.