If you had $100,000 to blow on SEO

If you had 1 single project and had 100k to go completely nuts on a spending spree with SEO, over the course of 1 year what would you spend it on and in what order?

Is it to spend on an existing site, or a new site i.e. are we talking correcting existing problems or creating stuff right the first time?

What niche? What’s the site selling?

  1. buy out my main competitor hehe.
  2. open up a adwords account with Pre pay option :stuck_out_tongue:

There are many factors to consider before answering this question but a solid foundation would be.

  1. Optimize entire website
  2. Heavy link building (articles, PR etc…)
  3. Pay Per Click
  4. Social daily media marketing
  5. Viral video campaign
  6. Online advertising

This is just scratching the surface.

Good responses so far!

Starting from scratch. Site would be providing a sort of social networking service, and the service sold would be a unique form of advertising.

well it depends who’s going to spend the money… if you are an experienced or skilled SEO i think its better to spend those money on PPC or other things that help the development of the site…

$100k? Lol, you could hire Bruce Clay or someone like that or you could produce a really useful service and watch the SEO just take care of itself.

That’s easy - copywriters!

seo is little slow for output but good as for long term consideration. if you have sufficient money use PPC and make viral ads for more profit.

If I had $100,000 to blow on SEO, I wouldn’t, that would be like going to a party and spraying all the expensive champagne everywhere (not drinking any of it). I would however use the money to perhaps hire some decent writers, build a decent service and let the search engines notice the quality, not the quantity. To quote a famous British comedian (Jimmy Carr) “You can sprinkle as much glitter on a turd as you like… but afterwards it’s still a turd.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I would do everything I could for free to optimize my site and build free back links. I would spend on PPC for high traffic words that are very competitive.

Yeah but it’s glittery, I want it.