If we want to use things like FB and Twitter integration, is it good to use our own accounts or use client's accounts?

Let’s say Im developing an app for a client. I need to setup Facebook authentication this app. For that, should I use my own Facebook account to generate the necessary developer keys or get them from the client’s account?

I was under the impression that app keys are unique to the specific application and the different accounts have nothing to do with it?

Could be wrong, only messed with it for about a week.

Yea that’s true. But here’s the thing… If I use my keys, I need to be connected with the customer all the time. If I let go of the project, I can’t remove the keys from my FB account. Just like that things get complicated right? Normally what does people do in this situation?

I always have my client provide the keys. When working with Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, etc.

For the exact reason you brought up. If I create them using my account, then it is tied to me forever! Not a position I want to be in.

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Perfect! Now need to find a way to guide them and get the key :smile:

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