If we are not showing HTML in view source. Is this effect SEO for a website?



Our website was developed by an agency but they are not showing any HTML tags on source code, it was created 2 months ago. But still website content, meta tags are not indexing in google.



I'm not sure I follow you; I've just checked on the site and the HTML tags are showing up just fine. What do you believe is missing?


Can you just check view source( CTRL + U)?


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Unfortunately, your site relies totally on JavaScript for it's functionality . :wonky:

With it disabled, one is presented with a completely blank page. :eek:

Those responsible have done you a disservice. :unhappy:



I checked the console (alt + cmd + j on a Mac) and I can see this.


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what you are seeing, of course, is "Generated Source". :biggrin:



True enough, it's a Wordpress site apparently - https://builtwith.com/?https%3a%2f%2fcricertification.com%2f


A site:cricertification.com search on Google returns only page titles; no snippets or other information. I'd take that as an indication that Google is not able to access your content to index it.


I'm aware it was an issue in the past that Google was unable to index content that was not in the html and generated by javascript.
But I was under the impression that this had now been overcome with more sites being js dependent.


Yes, that's also my understanding. (See https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2015/10/deprecating-our-ajax-crawling-scheme.html.) However, the lack of any content in search results says that there is a problem somewhere, whatever the cause.

I think there may be a difference between using JS to display content and using JS to insert content.


I saw the same thing, but there does appear to be content in the cache if viewed.
Note there is no meta description in the head which may account for the odd SERP appearance. Though I thought it would pull content from the page in the absence of a meta description.


What is in the cache is what you see with JS disabled. The text is not visible in the HTML source, which may be why Google is not using it as a snippet. Google tries to determine the most relevant text to use in the absence of meta description. Whether the text is considered insufficient or too general, is too far down the page or what, I don't know. I'm merely reporting the problem.


Is it possible to add source code again?


How is your site built? Is it using a CMS, such as WordPress, or was it built from scratch?


Laravel open-source PHP.


Try indexing few more pages through this →

then we can see the outcome.

I have submitted two pages for indexing. Lets check after few minutes.


Somebody else may be able to help you with improving the existing structure. I'd say the first thing you should do would be to add meta title and description tags to each page, as these are what Google primarily uses in search results. You'll find advice on writing good titles and descriptions in Google's "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide".


Meta tags are implemented 2 months ago, if you check for inspect element(ctrl+shift+i) you can see meta tags. But its is not indexing in Google


Coding in JavaScript, Flash, and Ajax limits the crawler’s ability to cover your site’s hierarchy.


I have already fetched URLs in webmaster last week