If sub-domain blacklisted, will full domain also?


I have a large legitimate email list and want to start sending a newsletter.

I am concerned that my domain name may be blacklisted for sending spam (even though my list is legitimate and fully opted-in) and have an effect on my day to day email.

if I use a sub-domain of my domain, ie newsletter.domain.com and this was blacklisted, would it effetc my main domain as well.

Sorry if posting in the wrong forum, not sure if this was a hosting, email or domain question!

Thanks, Steven

I do not think so. I suppose that would be better to test that to make sure.

As far as I know (and a google search seems to confirm this) e-mail blacklisting is done on an IP basis, not on a domain basis.

Meaning that if you’re added to the blacklist each and every domain (including subdomains) on the server will be blacklisted.

No domain name will not be blacklisted. I assume your subdomain name was blacklisted because of black hat SEO?
For SEO issues: domain names are being blacklisted.
For Email: IPs of the mail servers. Not IP of your web site is getting blacklisted.

sub-domain blacklisting will black list domain and may block IP as well.
Secondly, if you are on a shared platform, your host may not allow you sending so many emails at a time and will terminate your account.