If not W3Schools, then where?

After doing some reading on line, I see that W3Schools is not the place to learn anything up-to-date or relevant to now.

Having been away from this world for 5 years, I want to catch up on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and SQL

Since W3Schools is not ideal, where can I go to get accurate and useful learning?

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I myself nowadays prefer Mozilla dev, they continuously improve their resources:

And not forget the published standards.

There are too many other resources to mention in one post. :slight_smile:


There are too many other resources to mention in one post. :slight_smile:

I understand that, but just wondered if there were one or two go-to sites for today’s developers. Thanks for the MDN suggestion, :+1: though I don’t see anything there for PHP or SQL.



You can learn from Youtube channels. Many YouTubers create an update-to-date content, you can refer from that.

Welcome to the forums, @jjgupta915.

I would urge caution in learning from YouTube. While there is undoubtedly good content there, you will also find many self-styled experts showing bad or outdated coding practices. Unlike books and recognised courses, there is no editorial oversight to check the quality of the content.

Be very careful in selecting material to learn from, and ensure it comes from reputable sources.


Exactly what I was thinking, @TechnoBear.


Obviously the PHP online manual is a “go-to” resource for any PHP dev.
Though this kind of reference site (like MDN too), while very useful for concise information and reference, can be hard going for learning. Sometimes you want something more digestible.
CSS Tricks is a favourite for all things CSS related.

That’s a good PDO reference. The author used to frequent the forum, but has not been seen for a while.

I can’t emphasise this enough, I see a lot of questions here (mostly in PHP) from beginners “learning” from Youtube’s self-proclaimed experts, posting some horrendous code. Of course they don’t know enough to know just how how bad it is, that is both student and teacher. It is the blind leading the blind, down a very dark path…
Then you have a hard time convincing them to un-learn everything they have already spent their time learning.


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