If not or if not array problem

I’m getting stuck with the array bit.

Basically I the first bit is fine, if regions is empty then carry on, then if regions is not a numeric then do this, but its then looking at the array and checking if that isnt numeric that Im getting stuck with.

if ($_GET['regions']=='') {    
} else { if (!ctype_digit($_GET['regions']) || (!ctype_digit($_GET['regions[]']))) {
header('Location: http://www.mysite.com/index.php');

Can you vardump $_GET['regions'] and post it here?


Hi, its a shame I posted so late as I had to leave the office and cant get access to the files. I will post back on Monday and hopefully I can get somewhere with it.


Morning s_molinari,

As expected when regions is empty var_dump gives me -

string(0) ""

When I select a region building the array I get

array(1) {[0]=>string(2) "89"}

With 2 regions selected

array(2) {[0]=>string(2) "89"[1]=>string(3) "221"}

Ok. I believe that means you’ll have to loop through the array, then test your conditions on each array element.


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