If I pay for managed hosting, should they help me configure SSL properly for one of my wordpress sites?

I pay for a managed VPS with a company and I bought an SSL certificate from them.

They installed the certificate and setup the new IP. I then I went about trying to get it configured with the Wordpress site I had already made, by following online guides and edited the .htaccess

I don’t think I’ve got it setup right because while if you visit the root, it correctly redirects to the HTTPS version, if you enter a direct url to any other page on the site in the address bar, without the HTTPS, it doesn’t redirect properly.

Additionally I seem to have a redirect issue according to this tool, which says it’s hurting my rankings




I’m guessing this is all SSL and .htaccess related?

When I asked, this was their response:

This is not something that we can help with I’m afraid, as it is adjustments to the application are required rather than the server. The below links may point you in the right direction.


Is it unreasonable for me to expect some help from them with getting it working properly?
Or am I expecting too much from them?

Don’t guess.

They offered help. They are in charge of dealing with server issues. They are saying the problem is not a server problem.

What about the designmode tutorial did you have trouble understanding?
What happened when you made the changes described in the sslshopper page?


They supply the certificate and that is it. There could be an hour to hundreds of hours of work to get your website working on https. That is all on you which should have been anticipated and planned before flipping the switch. Your website could have hard coded http paths as just one example. You never know what you get with Wordpress. Low quality engineers like those working on Wordoress don’t anticipate for the future and these are the types of problems you encounter because of it. It’s not the hosting companies responsibility to fix. They just give you place to put your code. It is your responsibility to maintain and fix the code.


What domain (of the three you’ve displayed) is your SSL setup for? Use that (with or without the SSL) to configure your WP code.

I won’t use a CMS (like WP) but I would first look at your WP configuration to determine if it will redirect to the secure version of your domain. If it does, a simple click on a radio button should do the trick for you. If not, it would be a simple matter to modify the (poorly done) WP mod_rewrite code to first check for port !^443$ (or %{HTTPS} !on and redirect to the certificate’s specified domain (be sure to specify the URI, too, as %{REQUEST_{URI} so you’ll get the request at the secure server).

If you need help (AFTER checking the above), come back here with the details and WP code you’re using (or PM me for a faster response).



When you were registering with them you must have read some terms and conditions or any other document that detailed their terms of service. If there was such document, find it and go through it again. See if there was anything about it there. I have seen some managed hosting platforms that help you with configuration, while others, like Cloudways, have easy and simple process where you don’t need any help in configuring at all.

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