If I just keep writing, will I get hits?

Hi guys,

I’ve started a blog that will sell an e-book I wrote (The book will be up in a couple of days) and am a little disappointed in the number of hits I’m getting (about 20 a day). My blog is here: <snip>link is not relevant for the question</snip>.

I write a blog entry a day. Is that too much or not enough? I’ve been perusing the forum and it seems that the consensus is that if I keep writing quality posts (which I am trying to do, nothing to rig results in Google) I’ll eventually get hits. The blog is only three weeks old, am I panicking? Thanks.


Keep continuing your efforts as well as start proper e-marketing and SEO of your blog.

Continue writing and additionally you can start promoting your site as well via social media and social networking. Once you start getting sufficient hits daily then may be you can focus on link building as well to inflate the number and compete with the sites in your niche.

For sure if you give your readers a really informative facts, they will keep coming back to your site. And continue to promote it too.

Definitely keep writing, but start promoting, too. You could have the greatest blog in the world, but if no one knows it’s there, you’ll never see the results you want!

Look into some guest blog posting. There are alot of blogs that take guest posts. That will give you a great chance to get your link out in front of a very targeted group of people. And, if people like what they see, they could very well wind up as loyal readers of your blog!

Good luck! And remember, seeing success takes time.

Another thing to consider too is that you won’t be able to write every day (vacation, sick, etc), so having a few evergreen posts “in the bag” will help you maintain consistency of posting during those days.

Keep writing. If it’s interesting, unique and of value then your visits will continue to rise.

You need to promote (sensibly), but also realise that good things come to those who wait - especially in search. There’s no quick path to success (without risk).

snap :slight_smile:

I think you’re worrying too soon! If the blog is only three weeks old and you’re getting 20 hits a day without doing any marketing or promotional work, that’s a good start. One entry a day should be ample - you don’t want to overload readers, and you don’t want to set yourself a target or expectations that you can’t meet.

Now might be a good time to start a bit of promotional work. Search engines will only find your site through links to it. People will only find your site through search engines and through links to it. So you need to get some links to it - links from relevant, reputable sites. I’m not talking about going mad and spamming every blog from here to Timbuktu, but finding a few sites whose readers might be interested in your site and dropping links for them to find.