If I have three websites can I host them all on the same plan...?

I’ve seen many hosting plans which offer more than one domain hosting on their plans.

Does this mean if I have three websites with three different url’s, all different content, files etc I can host them all on the same plan…?

If so that is great!

Yes, you can do so if your host allows you to add them as add-on domains.
Most host allow this :slight_smile:

Good luck

It’s helpful to understand how add-on domains work. The files are separate and the sites are separate. But the files for each add-on domain are located in a folder that’s within the public_html directory of the primary domain. I found this confusing in the beginning and thought the add-on domains would impact the primary domain (which they don’t), although I still don’t like how the files are all grouped so closely together, if you manage your files manually you have to be careful about which folder you’re working with.

Like others have mentioned, if your host allows addon domains, then yes, you can, as long as you aren’t violating their terms of service or acceptable use policy.


That’s only true if you’re talking about cPanel and you leave the default document root set. It’ll also be changing to work in a proper rather than the fudged way they are handled now at some point in the near future.


You definitely can have a variety of sites under one hosting account with most hosts.

However, as others have said - if you are on a basic hosting plan that uses CPanel (very common) then whilst each site can work individually with their own databases etc, all the files are stored in the same folder and basically work as subdomains/subfolders.

If you want to host multiple sites then I would recommend getting a reseller hosting account. With these accounts, each of your sites are completely separate, with different CPanel logins, different FTP details, etc. A lot of web developers (including myself) use reseller accounts like this.

Generally, all hosts will allow you to host multiple domains. These domains will be added as addons from your control panel. These are seperate websites but managed from the same control panel.

Thanks guys

I’m gonna start looking at these reseller plans but I don’t wanna spend too much to start with.

We use a cloud-based reseller plan and it is great in terms of scalability even though none of our clients ever see this their hosting.

I have personal stuff for 5 or six sites on shared hosting and it isn’t too bad to have sub domains/files/databases on the same plan, but my business has a hundred+ sites and associate hosted email accounts setup and it is much less confusing to deal with the reseller methods than it would be to have everything all under a single account.

It isn’t expensive at our scale… we’re playing ~150usd/mo so it works our quite economically.

If I only had three or four sites, though, I would just go with the cpanel/shared hosting, unless I had to let different sets of clients get into the server stuff.

I have several add-on domains on a single cpanel. I purchased a domain name to use as my the main domain on my account that I do not use as for a website. I am just using email on it now. My active sites are all add-ons.

This keeps root directory less cluttered. I also assume this would make it easier to migrate any one of the sites if they get to the point they need their own account without disrupting the others.

You can do that if you have add-on domains facility in your hosting plan. You can ask for the similar plans from the web host providers.

I’m gonna start easy then move onto bigger packages if things go well.

This computer stuff seems never ending lol, there’s always something new!

thanks guys you lot are really good help that has answered my q, without me even posting…thanks again. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help once again.

All the files stored in the same folder… does that mean if someone is viewing one website they can view the other website without changing the address…?

Also does this method have an affect on SEO in any way…?

What are the disadvantages of this way…?

“All the files stored in the same folder… does that mean if someone is viewing one website they can view the other website without changing the address…?”

No-- the domain is setup so the root of the address is its associated folder.

Ahh ok, so what are the disadvantages of doing this, is it strictly managament and organisation of sites…?


The main disadvantage is: all web sites are available from one control panel.
But if you want to keep management of each web site separately you will need to have reseller account for that.

Thanks for your reply.

Can you explain to me how this is a disadvantage as I’ve never uploaded a website before…?

Does this mean any changes made in this area will affect all sites…?