If else echo help - AJAX maybe?

Hi there,

I am trying t display some text depending on whether a user has something bookmarked.

This is what I have:

$bookmarked =  \MyListing\Src\Bookmarks::exists( (int)$post_id , get_current_user_id() );
    $classes =  'bookmarked';
    $bmText = "Remove Bookmark";
    $fontClass = "fa fa-regular fa-heart";
       $bmText = "Add Bookmark";    
    if ( $is_caching ) {
      $classes = '<var #saved></var>';

I am then trying to echo it out using:

$HTML .= '<div class="listing-details actions c27-footer-section">
    <div >    <ul>    <li tooltip=" ' . $bmText . '">text</li></ul></div>';

However, I am only getting the “Bookmarked” version of text appearing.

Can anyone see what I have wrong with my if/else? I think it may be because the bookmark button AJAX/dynamic so changes when you click the button without the page loading.

Many thanks!

Hello, I am newbie in Ajax but you should ask ChatGPT to correct your piece of code. I usually ask Chat GPT for debugging and explaining me the code. You will have an answer in just 1 minute…

Without seeing what the custom class function is returning, AI or no, it cant solve the problem, because the problem isnt readily syntactical.

var_dump $bookmarked when you think it should be false. What does it say it is?

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