IE9 float displaying layout incorrectly

It seems IE9 is displaying the header incorrectly. I’m suspecting there’s a conflict in the way the floated elements are being interpreted by IE9. The latest browsers of Chrome, IE, Safari, and FF display it fine. Suggestion?

Browserstack shows it pretty normally compared to what I’mseeing in Chrome. Can you give more information?

Thanks for the screenshot, RyanReese.

I’m still working on it, but it seems that IE9 doesn’t like links surrounding container elements. Queer. But I guess the fixes I’m applying/testing are working.

Well anchors by default can’t house block elements like DIVs. If that’s what you are doing. I can’t test at the moment. It’s invalid if you did that. You should run your code by the validator. That should always be the first step in yoru debugging.

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