IE8 Price text not displayed

I am trying to clean up a site which has some pretty awful errors. Not my doing, and I wil get to fixing them, please ignore.
Right now the one that is the biggest issue and one i want help with is Price not showing in IE7 and IE8. This is a problem page.

look at it in any other browser you will see the price below each image.
IE7 and IE8 it is not there.

Price does display for some people on IE8 is there a browser setting that makes IE8 render as IE7?

Compatibility mode will have IE8 render almost like IE7 but it is not exactly the same. Do you have compatibility mode on? However, I view the page in IE7 and 8 (in IEtester, though I did open my real IE8 to see) and all the prices are appearing.

I used to test, I saw prices in IE8, none in IE7.
My client sent me a screenshot of IE8 on his PC with prices not showing. Obviously the clients computer matters!
No sure where to go from here. I will have him check for Compatibility mode.
Where is that found in IE8, same place as IE9?

I am on a mac so can not check real world


The prices are showing in IE8 and are showing in IE7 until the javascript kicks in and resizes the boxes and then they disappear.

It looks like the normal haslayout issue so try this:


thanks for the reply.
prodtitles is not the price, is it important though?. Should I target the price span .pricedisplay or one of the containing div’s? I just read the I could do this by trial and error but I don’t have a PC to test with me as I am on the road, and a mac user, plus the site has caching.
Both parent div and form have widths set, which would imply they should be OK? so maybe span which does not?
further thought says not just the span as it is failing to show the “This product has sold out” text on the half dozen products at the bottom of the page.
PS. what did they name that new grand daughter of yours?


Can you humour me and add that rule I gave you and then I will test again.

It works for me locally and on your live site as far as I can tell with the IE developer tools. Prodtitles doesn’t have have a layout until the javascript writes a height directly into the tag and I think this dynamic change from no haslayout to haslayout is causing the problem because prodtitles is actually sliding under the rest of the div.

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Zara - she’s about 8 weeks old now.

Of course I will humour you!
I did it. I am not seeing it in firebug? Does it show there?
I am not sure if caching is stopping it from being used or firebug is unaware of it. Last time you helped me your Grand daughter was bien born!

Its working for me in IE7 now.

The rule wont show in Firebug because its proprietary IE code and Firebug only shows code it understands.

I suspected that was the case with firebug,
awesome thanks, yet again you solved my problem.
how did the h2 prodtitle effect the price div/span? Obviously the h2 could not contain the price div/span

The h2 was being repositioned under and at the top of that little block which then meant the price followed it and was therefore also under the little block. If you use the developer tools in IE8 and outline the element you can see where it was.

That’s the problem with haslayout and the trigger element can be miles away from the actual problem and causes errors down the page because it has a knock on effect.