IE8 position:absolute problem - help!

I have an absolute positioned div inside (child of) a relative positioned div. In FF 3.6.3 it’s fine. In IE8 the ab div gets pushed outside the rel div. I can fix this with compatibility mode, but I’d rather not go that route. Anyone know of a solution?

A negative margin should not have been neccessary in the first place (if only IE8 needed it) but either way glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:


What I was trying to do was use css to make a second form appear as if it were within another form. Markup-wise it was not, hence using a absolute- positioned div within a relative-positioned div to place one form within the area of another form. FF didn’t mind, but interesting what IE8 did was to move the second form visually below the first. Makes sense in a weird way! I had to use heavy negative margin to get it up to where I wanted it, (and where it appeared in FF w/o neg margin).

I accomplished it instead by using three forms.


Can you show us your code or give a link to your page. It might be something else may be going on, hard to say without any code to look at.

IE8 does have several new bugs though and it is possible yours could be found here if it is a bug.

If you could make a reduced test case that shows the problem post it here.