IE8 lists layout bug...?

So I’ve killed probably two hours trying to figure out what’s going on here and I’m totally lost

The two pages here, first is correct, second is broken (it’s pretty obvious what’s broken if you look), but only in IE8 (possibly others, but I only have 8 to test with right now), and it looks perfect in FF

Correct -

Broken -

There are two templates for these pages, one is the “home” template (correct looking), the other is a template for the rest of the pages (broken), somewhere in there the code must be different for the two, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where. I’ve looked over the code a bunch of times and everything looks legit…

I’ve been googling this and am not even sure what to google, so I’m hoping somebody here as an idea of what’s going on here?

BTW - Not my coding here, I came into this project and am trying my best to fix it up :sick:


Well IE8 seems to be dropping into Quirks mode. When I force the browser to Standards/IE 7 or 8, it looks fine. The first thing to do would be to correct all the minor errors. It could be there are too many errors for IE to compensate for correctly.

Haha wow, and your first post solved my multi-hour headache!

The home template had the doctype and the rest-of-the-site template didn’t, and adding it fixed everything

Cheers mate!

Awesome! Glad you found the problem. :lol:

Well done, ryung!

Welcome posting! :slight_smile: