IE8 is rendering all of my media queeries. How do I stop this?

if you look at my site in IE8 you will see it looks like crap and from what I can tell it would seem that IE8 is reading ALL the CSS styles in my style sheet and completely ignoring the media queries I have written…meaning it is just reading EVERYTHING which in the order of the cascade means the last overriding rules in my sheet are for my mobile styles, which I think is why my site looks like crap in IE8. Is there a way I can get IE8 to recognize these properly? What are my options? Please help!

IE8 does not recognise @media rules. You could offer it special styles via conditional comments, though.

Can you please share an example of what you mean by conditional comments?

That’s the drawback of the “mobile first” approach in that IE8 and under get the basic versions as they don’t understand media queries.

If you don’t want to use conditional comments you could add just add media query ability with a small script.

The css reference has examples of how to use Conditional comments and it will basically mean duplicating the styles that you are supplying to wider devices.

Can you please look at my source on the homepage and look at line 94. I did uplaod the Respond.js stuff and it didn’t do anything…did I do something wrong?

The file is not at the location you are suggesting:

Error 404 - Page not found!