ie7 time delay issue

im trying to use this coverflow. instead of just using the standard way of creating each ‘flow’ item. i do it dynamicaly using html5 and javascript:

                        <div class="item" data-manufacturer="Jaguar" data-model="X-Type" data-year="2005" data-output="150BHP" data-cylinders="3" data-capacity="-" data-valves="2" data-max-speed="88MPH" data-price="£4500" data-country="Japan" data-flag="img/usa.png" data-description="<p></p>"><img class="content" src="img/cars/jag.jpg"/></div>

then i use:


i have narrowed the issue down to these lines of code

        for (var i=0; i< ContentFlowGlobal.Flows.length; i++) {

the alert fixes the problem in ie8 obivously i will take it out but need a more permanant fix. but none of the js gets called in ie7. any ideas would be very appreciated.