IE7 problem with lists

On my page the ordered list is not showing any numbering on IE7 while it works fine on Chrome and Firefox, also the Terms and Conditions and Click here for more info links at the bottom of the white section are not showing in IE7. How can I fix this? thanks

It looks like IE7 is experiencing some padding problems with the OL. The following solution does not get to the root of the problem, but it does fix it:
Use a conditional comment to add an IE7 stylesheet. In this stylesheet you can add a rule for the OL that will increase the level of padding-left.

thanks, what about the other problem with the non-showing links?

Change Content #info to float:left, instead of float:right. And with a conditional comment for IE7 you can get the numbers to show up by setting the padding-left:40px for the OL element. You will need to pull it back to the left again for IE7, but you can do that with giving it a negative margin-left.

Can’t see the test page, the link you posted is now broken, but as far as I remember it is a float problem.

works now

I would remove the float from the #info div also. It is throwing it to the right side in IE7 and causing a large horizontal scrollbar on the page.

#content #info { 
    width: 860px;
    clear: both;
    [COLOR=Red]/*float: right;*/    [/COLOR]

Your IE7 style sheet should contain something like this:
Content #left-col OL
Content #info