IE7 & IE8 Not Showing Styles in Lightbox

I’m having trouble getting IE7 & IE8 showing styles in a Lightbox. FF, IE9, and Safari show the headings in black with grey text. The city and state are center with a background header.

Any clue? You can log in with this
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I loaded your website in IE7/8 and in Firefox and everything that used lightbox was consistent for me, is there something specific we should be looking for as you didn’t really specify it in your post.

With much experimentation, I wound up adding classes to all of the heading level and paragraphs since I couldn’t understanding why LightBox in IE7 & 8 was not rendering the styles I had set for the h1, h2 and p tags in ‘body.contentpane’.

This is not a great resolution, but it was the only one I could figure since using specific hacks were not working either.