IE7 Developer Toolbar - tag rendered and interpreted wrong

Hi all,

Wow. It’s been 4 years since I last signed in - I must have fallen into another dimension. Anyhoo…

I’ve got a really strange issue with (pseudo) IE7 going on. I have IE8 installed and I’m looking at my site with the IE7 option selected. Standards mode is the page default, which is good. But here’s the deal:

  • When I look at the Dev Toolbar in IE8 (standards mode), everything is just fine, and the code in the tool shows my menu list as being nested properly.
  • When I look at the Dev Toolbar in IE7 (standards mode), the nesting is out of whack because…get this…one of the closing </ul> tags is actually being interpreted as <ul/> - notice the TRAILING slash!

I have NEVER seen this before. And here’s the even screwier part - the tag is written to the page correctly! The source actually reveals the tag as </ul> and not <ul/>. But somehow the browser sees it as the latter and everything is whacked.

Any ideas?


It’s because you don’t have anything inside the UL. IE’s devloper tools do that with empty code, whether it’s a DIV, UL, P, or any other tag, if it’s empty, it’s shown as <tag />