IE7 Breaks 'Read More' Link in two Lines

I’m trying to get the ‘>> Read More…’ links to display on one line in IE7, but it keeps breaking into two.

What sort of fix do I need?

What sort of fix do I need?


IE6/7 need the floats to come first in the source order if they are to sit on the same line with a non-floated element.

You have floated your a.readon but the image before it was not floated.

Either float them both or remove the float from a.readon

Excellent! That worked out nicely! Thank you!

Another general tip for ensuring that certain words or phrases stay together is to replace the space with a “non-breaking space” ( ). This should work in any context to prevent the text breaking onto a second line between those words.

Thanks, Stevie D. I’ll keep that in mind as well. Formatting for IE7 still has its challenges.