IE7 and IE8 rendering issues :( (containing floats?);

Hello all,

Can I please ask you guys to check the following page:

IE7 - total mess; (it should NEVER be perfect or even close, but at least allow the user to see the information);
IE8 - don’t even see the page!; :frowning:

Containing floats issue ?
I’ve used some display:inline-block; to contain the floats, because overflow hidden will not work since I’m using borders with shadows. But perhaps clearfix should be used instead ?

Even on good browsers,

on the left side and
#organizations-resume + #facebook-resume
on the right side should have equal height*.
*I don’t mind if the page don’t look equal on their height if the text is longer on one column and shorter on another.
I would be glad if, at least a consistent min-height in em could be defined.

Can I have your help here ?

Please advice,