IE7 and IE8 Not Reading Style Sheets


Ok I’m working on a site using some HTML5, CSS and Javascript creating something similar to the Nike Better World site.

I’m on a Mac and in FireFox, Chrome and Safari site looks good.

But on IE7 and IE8 it appears its not reading the Stylesheet at all.

I think it works ok in IE9.

Could someone please take a look and see why it is not reading the style sheets and if you could take a look at it in other browsers as well.

Here is the link…

Modo Communication Inc.

Many thanks,


Add this to the head

<!–[if IE]><script src=“”></script><![endif]–>

Thanks Craig much appreciated. Does it look good in all other browsers now? I noticed that in IE the scrolling isnt really working well it is but the parallax effect doesnt work, any reason why that is? Is it just like this in IE7 or other versions of IE as well, I dont got any other versions