ie6 vs ie6sp1 standalone versions


I’m about to download an IE6 standalone browser for testing from, and I notice that they’ve got two there – an ~80mb IE6 vanilla and a much smaller IE6 service pack 1 version, which seems to be just a setup file. What is the difference between those and which one should I use for testing? Bit confused about that.

Thanks a lot.

Haven’t looked at them, but I imagine they are what they say they are: IE6 is the actual browser, and IEsp1 is the service pack that augments the browser. They are not two separate browsers.

lol the browser service pack. Yeah, that’s it. Those crazies.

Appreciate, guys. Thanks.

Yeah, the second one is probably just a patch… Honestly, if you are using IE6 for testing, go unpatched – lord knows what they changed that could result in an unpatched user getting a broken page.

Which is just part of why I run them in a VM… running unpatched software?